I don't write often, but I have a message for residents of Lake Sara and the surrounding areas. On Monday, my husband was moving a plant on a dolly from inside to outside and one of our kitty's (Bill) tried to take a walk outside. The husband, Lowell, took a hard fall.

I have been trained in first aid and actually as an instructor of same. My thoughts calmed and I recalled the training video. Ask the victim if he is OK and shake him by the shoulder to elicit a response. Since Lowell was laying on the floor with a broken shoulder (my guess) and screaming, this did not seem the appropriate action. I went on to step 2 - call 911.

He asked me to call our neighbor first, to see if he could get him on his feet. The neighbor (Carl Kobler) was just nodding off for a nap, when he took the call and came to the rescue. Carl and I could not get him up, and I hit 911. There was blood and yelling and I must say, it was difficult to remain calm. I went to stand at the end of the driveway awaiting an ambulance. Before I could get out of the house to do so, a man (working on a new house on our road) was there to help. He was a volunteer with Shumway Fire Protection District. He was kind, efficient, and helped by being there and initiated help for the victim.

A Shumway Fire car with EMT's then arrived. They were there and half way up the driveway when another Shumway car came. We now had five sturdy men and all worked together well and efficiently. They took a list of medications, they cleared the area and began working. They were joined by the private ambulance and its two medics. Morphine was injected, and the board was moved to the gurney, and off he went down the bumpy driveway.

The purpose of this letter is to thank all of these volunteers who take care of Lake Sara residents. They truly were professional and expedient. They attend classes on a regular basis to learn new treatments and training.

I think most people look forward to a weekend of baseball or golf or getting a project done at home. These folks donate a lot of weekends. The Community Association called Good Neighbors of Lake Sara, along with supporting the wonderful fireworks display, also makes a donation to our fire department. I encourage and make a nomination to the board, that the amount donated be increased. To each and every one of the caregivers who were at my home Monday, thank you. You were great. To my neighbor, thank you.To the American Red Cross who helped train these people, thank you. My husband, who can't write at the moment, says thank you so very much.

Lowell and Pat Peak,