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Reserve Engine 751 and retired engine 752 were purchased in the late 1990's by Federal FEMA Grant. Engine 751 currently serves the Shumway Fire Protection District as a reserve engine out of Station 1. Engine 752 was retired in 2012 and was repurposed to Sigel Fire Protection District.
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Engine 755 – 756

Engine 755 - 756 was purchased in 2011 and placed into service 2012. Engine 755 and 756 provides primary response capabilities for all emergencies throughout the district. Both engines are equipped with fire suppression, rescue, extrication, medical, and general rescue equipment. Engine 755 is housed at Station One, while Engine 756 is housed at Station…
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Brush Truck 772

Brush Truck 772 provides remote access and fire suppression capabilities throughout the Shumway Fire District. Brush Truck 772 was brought into service in 2009.
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